Keep out or else! :p

My secret diary :)

Behind the scenes of Elsie anne Creighton <3


*protestation intensifies*

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Bro @paulblackni making me sing his new song ;)

<3 so talented!


There are two types of people..

(*the catpocalypse is nigh) 


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When you contact me via my website, a few drop-down menus offer some options for the services you might be interested in. It helps me sort jobs and gives me some more initial info on what the client wants.

I received an email from a client telling me they’re after a single half-hour profile…

:o gasp!!


Ben Howard - Figure 8 (Ellie Goulding Cover)

Lets not forget about this.

I love this cover so much. and when the voice of Ben and India meets I swear that the whole universe is crying because of that little place of marvelous heaven.

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The Cycle

This is the most acurate set of pictures to discribe my week hahaha

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For the first two weeks of February up until Valentine’s Day all sales from my doodoodloo.etsy shop will receive a free animal necklace made by me! I have bugs, dinosaurs, farm animals and african animals, and I will choose one to suit each drawing! I also have newly listed drawings…check ‘em out! Click on the ! Feel free to share these photos and get the word out. I am trying to save to go study and travel in Iceland!! x

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It’s pretty hard to believe that attraction fades in marriage when you see beautiful flowery wedding pictures and dresses and snuggling and cute everything all over the place.

There are no pictures of your first real fight, when you say things you don’t mean and receive…